Sunday, November 8, 2009

Danger of toksoplasma

I had lunch with a friend last week and we were talking about toksoplasma. What is toksoplasma actually? She shared her experience of not being informed about this that lead her to a miscarriage on her first pregnancy.Since I am in my second pregnancy, I only remembered reading about staying away from cats and not eating raw food...and I forgotten why I am not suppose to. So I did a little reading and this is what i found out:

Toksoplasma is caused by a virus called toksoplasma gondii which is said to be transmitted by cats, dogs, birds-pets. But it is not necessary so. She told me that it was due to her habit of eating raw food like medium rare steaks-meats which are not fully cooked, eating out a lot (being a former stewardess) - which could cause from unproper vegetables cleaning. (Also can be contracted from half boil eggs and unproper wash of fruits).

Basically we are immune to it but if you are stressed or your body immune system is not that strong this would lead you to be infected. Not all pregnancy is unsuccessful but some people do experience miscarriage, birth defects or premature labor.

How to avoid
  • Try to keep a minimal distance to pets. You can also check with your vets if they have them. Once you know they are toksoplasma free, make sure that they do not go out hunting for mouse or bird, eat raw meat and try to avoid them to play with other pets if possible.
  • Get someone to clean them.
  • Wear gloves if you are gardening. Do not work on earth where cats have littered.Avoid your other children to play there as well.
Note: Make sure you eat your steaks at well done, keep away from raw food. Try to take pasteurized milk, eggs if possible.


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